LGBTQ Northwest Indiana

Northwest Indiana Pride


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Our Mission.
LGBTQ Northwest Indiana's Primary Mission is to provide support, education and resources to the LGBTQ+ community
Support groups, workshops, special topics and an online resource directory will serve to fulfill our primary mission.
Promote LGBTQ+ community visibility, acceptance and equality
The LGBTQ+ community is a valid and tangible contributor to the Northwest Indiana area.  With visibility comes acceptance, with acceptance comes equality.
Foster the awareness of, and provide education about the LGBTQ+ community in Northwest Indiana
The community is not just the LGBTQ+ community; it is everyone living and working in the Northwest Indiana area.  Removing the stigmas and phobias, and changing the negative assumptions and beliefs is goal of this mission.
Advocate for human rights and equality
The LGBTQ+ community is diverse, just as the community at-large in Northwest Indiana is also diverse. The rights of all in the community must be protected and normalized.  We are all equals.
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Our Vision.
Support and Educate
LGBTQ Northwest Indiana strives to be the go-to organization for LGBTQ+ community members in the Northwest Indiana area, to be a Safe Place, a welcoming place, a sharing place.
Be Visible
LGBTQ Northwest Indiana will endeavor to participate in Northwest Indiana community events as well as promote LGBTQ+ community events.
Promote Understanding
LGBTQ Northwest Indiana will seek to better integrate the LGBTQ+ community into Northwest Indiana as a viable and vibrant part of the community at-large, to remove bias, judgement and misunderstanding.
Advocate for All
LGBTQ Northwest Indiana would like to see the end of all discrimation, harassment, fear and bigotry.  We will do our part to move our society forward.
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Our Plan.
Start Small
Support for the Northwest Indiana LGBTQ+ community is step #1.  As the LGBTQ Northwest Indiana organization was founded by, and operated by transgender persons and allies, the first offering will be regularly scheduled Transgender Support Group meetings.
Tap into the Energy, Enthusiasm and Knowledge
A small group of people can make a difference.  A community can change the world.  TOGETHER we can make it happen!
Find Like-Minded Organizations
Like all organizations, LGBTQ Northwest Indiana will need help.  Working together, we can support each other.
While beginning to provide support to the LGBTQ+ community in Northwest Indiana, the LGBTQ Northwest Indiana organization will be preparing for, and pursuing 501(c)(3) non-profit status with the federal government.  This will provide us with opportunities currently not available, in order to generate the needed funding to continue operation, and GROW!
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Your Role.
Sign up!
Let us know you're out there!  Let us know that Northwest Indiana has an LGBTQ+ community in need of an organization like LGBTQ Northwest Indiana.  Let us know that you're interested, supportive, excited.  Let us tell you what we're planning.  Your energy feeds ours!
Participate, Be Engaged and Get Involved
You can help ensure the success of LGBTQ Northwest Indiana, and help shape the future of the organization and the future of the community!
Volunteer, Contribute, Build LGBTQ Northwest Indiana
Can you facilitate a group meeting?  Can you assist others?  Do you have good ideas?  LGBTQ Northwest Indiana wants to know!
Help Fulfill Our Quest
LGBTQ Northwest Indiana would like to grow to have: 
• A library of both reading material and a video library. 
• A resource directory, where the LGBTQ+ community can find links to any sort of LGBTQ+ related and/or friendly services and providers and merchants, locally, nationally, and online. 
• Social events, where the LGBTQ community can come together, have fun, meet and get to know each other, and share experiences.
• A permanent space. 

Can you and will you help us?